Sunday, 25 May 2014

Summer Days...

Like every true Brit should, when the sun comes out, the layers come off and the BBQ goes on. You've got to make the most of it when it doesn't happen that often, after all.

When you feel the need to get outside but can't be bothered with putting together a picnic or walking very far, sitting outside Cardiff Castle with an iced coffee is most definitely the thing to do. Sunnies on and factor 50 rubbed in, we headed into the capital.

We grabbed our Starbucks, picked up some lunch and found ourselves a spot on the grass outside the castle gates. I don't think I'll be bothering with food from Munchesters again. I got a bit carried away with seeing a shiny new place to eat in Cardiff, and only wanted a healthy snack to sit outside with rather than go for a meal. I had very little change from a five pound note for a pretty uninspiring salad. No dressing offered (I noticed after I had paid that it was 15p extra) and no protein on offer. Broccoli, beetroot and a poor slaw with an offputting tangy dressing. Not impressed really. The Mr said good things about the wrap, but not enough to warrant the hype or the price tag.

I'd heard good things about the meat at Munchesters, especially the pulled pork, and so I was surprised and disappointed that this wasn't incorporated into the salad box. They've really missed a trick with this, and once again you're left with few takeaway options if you don't eat bread. It's extremely hard to grab healthy on-the-go food anywhere. Would really appreciate any tip offs for healthy, reasonably priced places to eat in Cardiff if anyone's got any?

Not to worry though, as back home our best friends had dug out the barbie and put the beers in the fridge...

There's no worry of going hungry at one of our family BBQ's...

A lovely summers day rounded off perfectly with family and friends, a chilled beer or two and a crackling fire to huddle up next to when the sun disappears!

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