Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Eurovision 2014

I have a confession. I completely utterly love Eurovision. It's cheesy and camp, trashy and predictable and I love every minute of it.

So much so, that all my friends are starting to share in the love, and my Eurovision parties have now become something of an annual event.

My absolute favourite thing about throwing parties is the fun food.  I spend all week thinking about what to make and Eurovision is no exception. A canapĂ© or two always goes down well at parties like this, as everyone moseys around the kitchen all night, and these are easy to grab without making too much mess!

Canapés and bites this year included...

Cocktails to start off the night? Only one thing for it - Bucks Fizz!

Representing Spain we had tapas swords! An easy to munch combination of olives, serrano ham, sundried tomatoes and chorizo.

Afternoon tea for the United Kingdom! Mini sandwich fingers of cheese, ham, tomato and cucumber.

 Greece was a refreshing blend of watermelon, mint and cubes of creamy feta cheese.

Slightly predictable for France, but you can't have a European party without a big hunk of fresh warm, bread and gooey garlic infused Camembert now can you?

Bringing the meat to the party was Germany, with bitesize bratwurst and frikadellen (not pictured).

Next up, a little slice or two of home-made pizza for Italy. Combinations of pesto, parma ham, multicoloured tomatoes and a bucketload of stringy mozarella.

Finally, dessert. I have to admit that I cheated a little with Sweden, thanks to an impromptu Ikea trip the weekend before. But who can turn down those little buns of cinnamon goodness?

And of course, a little fancy dress always helps the cheesy mood too...

Yes, I am supposed to be a viking. The hat was as good as the £3 price tag should have let me believe. Didn't stay on my head for a moment!

A sweepstake, lots of European beer and one bearded lady later?

Douze points!

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