Sunday, 11 May 2014

Newquay, Day 2

There really is nothing better than being woken up naturally by the sun rising and the sound of the high tide crashing against the rocks.

I take it back. There is. It's the above, followed by the most incredible eggs benedict for breakfast with a giant pot of tea, overlooking the Atlantic. Which is how the second day of our getaway started.

Having woken up much earlier than usual, we got back to our room after breakfast at a bit of a loss what to do next. Only one thing for it...

The Headland has its own '5 bubble' rated spa hidden underneath the hotel. Down on the lower ground floor is this modern, chilled out spa that is a completely different world to the Victorian decor above.

I've never really gone in for the whole spa day thing before, as I'm not particularly a girly girl, and always thought I'd be completely bored. However...I had to be dragged out of that hot tub once my fingers had wrinkled up. We got to the spa at about 9am, when it was empty and it was great to have the place to ourselves. By 11ish, a horde of ladies trooped in to get revitilised and we took our cue to leave.

The rest of the day was spent the best way, wandering through the town and playing around on the beach, with a little retail therapy thrown in for good measure of course!

We headed back to Fistral for dinner, to a little place that I'd heard about through Twitter, The Stable. Towering up above the complex of shops and eateries on Fistral Beach, The Stable's floor to ceiling glass windows gives unblemished glorious 180 degree views out to sea.

That's enough to keep you here at least until the sun goes down, but the views aren't the only USP that The Stable has up its sleeve for after dark. The bar is stocked up to the hilt with constantly changing ciders, both local and mainstream brands. Which is a little intimidating to those prone to indecision, like myself, so they have produced the perfect answer.

The cider tasting board! Five 1/3 pints of local ciders to try out, complete with a flyer with details of each one. Perfect! At £7.50, which I think is great value, and fun to share.

For the record, my favourite was the Ashridge Blush, with the Stable Drop pear coming in a very close second.

And I haven't even mentioned the pizza. Oh, the pizza.

Cheesey gooey thin pizza with a multitude of local toppings! I went for Cornish lamb, mint, feta and sweet potato. The verdict?


The husband went for the month's special, which was veal meatballs! Also nom. They also do a varied selection of pies and salads if you're not fancying a pizza, but be honest, why wouldn't you?

Completely carbed out, we nabbed a spot outside to take in the views and wash the food down with the remainder of our ciders. And I made a friend...

The sun started to go down and the wind picked up, so we reluctantly headed back to the hotel to change. Then back out in the blustery wind to sample a bit of the Newquay nightlife, and dodging the never ending Stag & Hen groups. Little tip if you're heading to Newquay and want to avoid the night time testosterone, hunt down this little place, The Red Lion. Good cider and live bands are always winners.

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