Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Getting lost up the mountain...

Blogging has been a little bit off the radar the last week or so, thanks to this little minx...

Meet Myffi. She's my in-law's Cockerpoo, and we had the pleasure of looking after her for a week whilst they sunned themselves in Majorca.

She's crazy, utterly barmy, and I couldn't love her more. I'm missing coming down the stairs in the morning, to a bleary eyed little fluffball climbing all over me and giving me morning cwtches whilst I'm having my cup of tea.

The weekend she arrived, we got lucky with a few days of glorious sunshine, and decided to take advantage of this with a big ol' mountain walk. Packed our backpacks full of water and snacks, both human and dog, and set off for an adventure.

A leisurely 4 miles or so to the end of the footpath, with a few sticks thrown in between, and we were in need of some shade and a sit down.

We made it to the Halfway House, the cute little pub right at the end of the trail. 2 pints of cider and black for the grown ups, and a bucket of water for the fluffy one. The pub was packed full of Sunday lunchers, but enough room for us to grab a table in the garden.

With the prospect of the mountain still to climb and the 24 degree midday heat, a roast beef dinner was certainly not an option. The wonderful barman saved the day with coming up with these fantastic sandwiches for us, off-menu. They were undoubtedly the best warm roast chicken sandwiches ever, made with fresh crusty rolls, topped with crispy rosemary infused roast potatoes. All the very best bits of a cooked dinner, without the stodge!

Feeling rejuvenated, we made the trek onwards and upwards towards the mountain. Wandering on for miles in the sunshine of the top of the mountain, looking down at the fab views once in a while.

And making some new friends...

Then it all started going a little bit wrong. Unsure which path we should take, we took a few downhill paths until we found one that looked right. Until half an hour later, it became clear that it wasn't the right way down at all...and the route became blocked.

And round and round, up and down we went for the next few hours until we finally surfaced back onto the trail that we started on, via a farm or two. After falling on my bum in the mud on more than one occasion, I was not a happy bunny at all. But then, light at the end of the tunnel! And we arrived out at the very place we started.

Limping and extremely achey, we fought for the bath one by one (the dog won) and collapsed on the sofa in a big snuggly heap with a giant glass of wine or two! Phew!

After all that exhaustion though, the house feels a little bit lonelier without Myffi's 100 mile an hour pace! However, I do get to watch the TV in peace now...

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