Friday, 1 August 2014

Sunset Views

As sunsets go, Marmari packs a mean one. The village is based around the huge beach, an expanse of sand that seems to stretch on for miles. This means blissfully uninterrupted views in the evening when the sun dips it's head behind the islands of Pserimos and Kalymnos.

However, the most spectacular sights on the island are to be seen from the mountainside village of Zia. A short bus journey on a lazy Friday evening and we were looking down on Marmari from a few more hundred metres above sea level.

Zia is a teensy tiny village, not much more than a single street lined with numerous tourist shops and roof top tavernas. But really, that's all it needs. This place is all about the views.

We had a little wander around to see the sights and get our bearings, but the tourist buses were arriving in their droves, and the best sunset spots were being filled up. We eyed up the rooftop terraces, but there was only ever going to be one winner...

Taverna Oromedon boasts the best views of the sunset in Kos. If you've never heard of it, I'm pretty sure you'll have seen these iconic steps.

We managed to get a fantastic table at the front of the restaurant, sticking out over the mountain. This meant great views for us, although often interrupted by a few amateur photographers sitting on our laps!

Chilled rosé and a plate of calamari to snack on, we chatted the night away and watched the shimmering panoramic views change before our eyes.

Appetite woken, we ordered mains. I've actually never eaten moussaka in Greece before, despite my numerous visits in the last few years. I decided to remedy this, and I'm so glad I did!

Mr P wasn't too happy with the lack of lamb kleftico on the menu, however the slow oven roasted lamb that he did have proved quite the match! I love the meltingly soft meat that the Greeks do so well!

Snuggled up in our front row seats with full stomachs, we watched as the main event unfolded before us.

Have you ever seen a sunset like that? The pictures just cannot do it justice, watching the sun slowly slip behind the islands in front, leaving a glittering gold aura around everything.

Once the spectacle was over, we dragged ourselves away from our comfy chairs, and headed off for a bit of tourist shopping before jumping on the bus back down the mountain. Late night shopping is high up on the list of my favourite Mediterranean pastimes.

Kalinixta Kos. I'll be back...

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