Sunday, 31 August 2014

As I Was Going to St Ives...

On a rainy Friday morning, we packed the car full of Haribo and ridiculous 80's driving anthems and headed once again over the Severn Bridge and down the long stretch of M5 to Cornwall.

After 5 long hours, we jumped out of the car to be met with a warm gust of sea air, glorious sunshine and wall to wall blue skies. Completely overdressed from the Welsh weather that we left behind, we launched ourselves down the hills to the crowded beaches tearing off layers and pulling on flip flops as we went.

Being Bank Holiday Friday, St Ives was incredibly busy. The car parks, beaches and pubs were spilling over at the seams. But there was only one thing on our minds to fight our way to first...

Ice cream! Coconut, and vanilla with salted caramel. Unbelievably creamy and lovely summery flavours.

Instead of joining the crowds, we dawdled our way through the intermingling streets, taking in the sights and a little window shopping.

And as per usual, it didn't take me too long until I got sidetracked from the cute cottages by all the beautiful food on display.

St Ives is full of tiny little streets, with quaint little cottages in every nook and cranny. Some with the funniest of street names too!

Starting to feel a little weary after all the travelling, we headed back to check into our caravan and crack open some cider and fizz with our feet up. The girls rustled up a picnic style dinner from bits and pieces picked up from our dawdling around the local delis. The main star of the meal that we always look forward to however, is Jo's mums quiche. It's starting to become a bit of a tradition that she makes these for us when we go away, so if you're reading this, thanks Jan!

Bellies full of food and sleepy heads from the long drive, the girls snuggled on the sofa while the boys popped out for a cheeky pint. We fell asleep with the curtains open, staring at the stars and hoping for another lovely sunny day tomorrow to make the most of...

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