Monday, 21 July 2014

Kos Town, Pt 2

Kos Town is an incredibly beautiful place, and especially so when bathed in the glowing evening sunshine. History oozes from the pores of the streets, with ancient monuments lying where they once stood strong, be that at the side of the road, against a bus stop or overlooking the town.

We jumped off the bus and dived headfirst into the maze of busy winding streets packed full of restaurants, cafés and tourist shops. Having devoured the guidebook whilst lazing around the pool in the last few days, I dragged Mr P off in the direction of the harbour, via Eleftheria Square.

Kos Town is an eclectic mix of grand church buildings and elegant, curvaceous mosques. Narrow pathways flowed like streams to great squares covered in wide spanning olive trees providing the much needed shade.

We did however come across a few scarier statues on the way…

Dawdling around the walls of the town, in a quiet shady square, we found the Plane Tree of Hippocrates. Legend has it that this current tree is at least 500 years old, and is said to be a descendant of the tree where Hippocrates taught his students the art of medicine under the shade of the leaves. The scaffolding around the tree is for support for the great reaching, but now hollow, branches.

A bit of "If I were a millionaire..." boat shopping then ensued and plenty of goofing around…

And then I found possibly the most iconic sight of Kos, those big white and blue steps of the most photogenic Ouzeria’s I have ever come across in Greece. Completely excited about the prospect of finding the place that I’d pinned consistently on my pinterest since booking a holiday, I obviously insisted on a million and one photos.

We decided it would be too much of a shame to come all this way and not actually dine here, so we grabbed a table with fantastic views and ordered a carafe of rosé to drink them in with. 

Followed up with veal stifado for him...

And prawns cooked in an ouzo, cream and dill sauce for me! Greek roast potatoes are the best. I don't know how they do it but I can never recreate them exactly no matter how much I try!

The food was incredible and we enjoyed every single bite! Well, when I say every single bite, I did have a little bit of competition...

I may have 'dropped' a little can you ignore those eyes!

We then trundled along a few more shops and got lost a few more times to walk our dinner off.  The town changes and comes alive with such a different buzz when the sun goes down, but with full bellies and bags clunking with souvenirs we headed back for the short bus journey back to our comfy bed.

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