Sunday, 13 July 2014

Chilled Out Kos, Pt 1

In the midst of a very stressful January, we trawled through holiday websites for days until we decided upon this beauty, Palazzo Del Mare in Marmari, Kos. As I finally finished all of my exams this year, it would be the first summer in at least 7 years with zero revision and zero exams. So a major chill out was on the cards, and this place had chill written all over it.

After a serious few months of countdowns and major shopping, it was time to jump on the big metal bird. Is there anything more beautiful than watching the sun set from above the clouds?

Apart from watching the sun set with some ice cold prosecco, obviously. You've got to start the holiday off as you mean to go on!

We got to the hotel at about 3am Greek time, so were pretty exhausted. We fell straight asleep, well, after some ooohing and aahhing at our room.

We woke up early the next day, bright and breezy ready to check out the hotel in all it's morning sunny glory.

I managed to keep myself from diving straight into the pool, at least long enough to go and get some breakfast.

Ok, yes, that is a glass of champagne with breakfast. Don't judge. It was my first day, and it doesn't count when you're on holiday anyway...

After letting all that food and early morning wine wear off, we set up camp where we ended up spending a good 90% of the next 7 days.

The next few days flew by in pretty much the same chilled out haze. Lots of pool fun and getting through a tonne of books.

Punctuated by plenty of frapp├ęs and mojitos, of course.

After a few lazy days, we decided that we really ought to head out on a bit of sightseeing. More on that later...

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