Sunday 12 July 2015

Cardiff Food Festival

For the last few years, we've popped down to Cardiff Bay to experience the annual Cardiff Food & Drink Festival, which lasts (this year) from Friday 10th - Sunday 12th July.

We were umming and aaahing whether to go this year, but when I found out that my favourite street food crew were there, it was a decision maker. By the time we rolled into the City, it was way past my lunchtime and I was feeling the hanger, so I jumped right into the huge queue for Meat and Greek. There's not much that can make me queue when I'm that hungry, but it was worth it...

The chicken souvlaki, expertly cooked over coals, coated in tangy tzatziki and of course with extra halloumi. Whenever there's the option, always extra cheese.

Once I'd got my Greek fill, we wandered around the bay to find some food for Mr. P. Stumbling upon another recent favourite, Dusty Knuckle Pizza, he opted for the salami version.

Good choice too, I'd say. (Of course, I stole a slice in the interest of being a good food blogger).

With happily full stomachs, we meandered in and out of the stalls. It was a little too busy for my liking, and I almost lost a few toes in the scrabble. We came home with a few small goodies, but nothing peaked my interest enough to fight the crowds, who seem to go a little crazy when there's a free chunk of cheese involved!

Some of the stalls are certainly looking a little tired, and there's only so much overpriced chutney and fudge that you can really care about.

But in my eyes, the stalls are just a sideline to the real fun of the day. The food piazza is bustling with show cooking and interesting local cuisines. Grab some freshly cooked grub, pick up a Pimms and find yourself a spot in front of the bandstand.

There's not much better than a blue skied day down Cardiff Bay!

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  1. You guys got lucky with the weather, we got caught in the rain today haha! But we still enjoyed Meat and Greek along with some cider chorizo paella! Mmmm... I was so tempted to try Dusty Knuckle Pizza, it looks epic from the photos and I loved the stone oven they were using! We'll have to try it next time, there was just too much choice today! - Also, I've mentioned your blog in my latest post - :-)