Monday, 29 June 2015

Burger & Lobster, Cardiff - #tanktalks

Last Thursday, the lovely folks over at Burger & Lobster invited me over to sample a few dishes, drink some cocktails and find out a little bit more about them, as part of their #tanktalks series. That's not an offer a girl can turn down.

After a glass or two of prosecco and making our introductions, we got down to business.

Ben, Cardiff's general manager and our fantastic host for the night, launched into an informative chat about lobsters, and specifically, the ones they use at B&L, and how they are treated.

It's fair to say, I learnt quite a lot that night. Did you know, lobsters just keep on growing and growing until death? I've got this image of a monster lobster floating around somewhere in the North Atlantic. They also shed their shells, much like a snake, of which I had no idea either.

Many people have reservations about lobster and they way they are cooked and kept. I've got to be honest, I have wondered how ethical the practices of such a large company could be, with the sheer amount that the number of covers the restaurants demand.

B&L fish for their lobster generally from the Nova Scotia/Maine area of Canada/USA. This is because it would be impossible (and a sustainability issue) to fish the amount of lobster required from the UK. There are also very strict laws and regulations surrounding the fishing there, to ensure they are caught in the most ethical and humane ways possible.

The lobster are kept at a certain temperature during transit, so although they are alive, they are in an almost hibernated state. They remain at this state until they get to the restaurant, and placed back into the tanks, where they wake up from their deep slumber.

Ben assured us that the lobsters are cooked in specialised steamer ovens, which knocks the lobster unconscious before they are cooked. None of this boiling pot malarkey!

All this lobster talk had started to make my stomach grumble, and as if on cue plates upon plates of lobster came pouring out of the kitchen. Steamed, grilled, lobster nicoise salad and lobster rolls!

The grilled lobster was my favourite on the night, that chargrilled taste just added something extra. It also went extremely well with the Vinho Verde that Ben had expertly matched with our lobster. My new favourite white wine, with a hint of sparkle.

If you're undecided or new to lobster, the steamed is much purer, with a stronger seafood taste. The grilled lobster loses that seaside salty freshness and is replaced with a chargrilled smokiness, which is no bad thing either.

Trust me, that butter sauce is the absolute bomb. You can dip everything in it, and it makes it all 100% better. Dunk your rolls and chips, and pour onto the lobster, it's heavenly.

A little break was needed to let all that food go down, so we headed over to the bar to watch the master mixologist Luke at work, showing us how to create a Gin Fizz.

We were then challenged to a cocktail competition to make up their newest cocktail, 'Shrubbery' from a set list of ingredients. Fortunately for your poor eyes, I haven't got a good enough picture of my team's effort, because it was dreadful, and we came last!

We admitted defeat and left it to the professionals to show off a little...

(If you can look at this and not sing Shake It Off, we can't be friends)

 Cocktail making is hungry work, right? Time for round two...the burger course.

I've previously said that £20 for a lobster is great value, but that I wasn't so sure for a burger. I take it back, just look at this bad boy.

Medium rare beef patty, smothered in cheese, bacon, tomato, onions, pickles...the list goes on. My pet hate is burgers that you can't get in your gob in one go (I'm looking at you guys who stack onion rings on top five miles high). This one just about got in with a bit of squishing, but it was so worth it. Serious chin dribbling going on though, so you'll need the bibs.

If this one's a bit big for you, just look at these little cuties. From their new kids menu, two itty bitty (my fist sized) sliders with chips would have actually been enough to fill me up.

I'll definitely be going back soon for another burger. In fact, if you're visiting in even numbers, you can go half 'n' half with each other, which I think is the perfect answer to my indecisiveness. I really can't implore you enough to go try it out!

Speaking of which, B&L are hosting a 'Pay What You Want' week, to raise money for Velindre Cancer Care for the five days beginning 6th July. This applies to lunchtimes only, and reservation is a must, so if you want to try these guys out and help a very worthy charity, book a table now in 02920 224044 or email

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  1. oh my oh my oh my, THANK YOU for posting such a delicious story! It's just what I needed :) I wish there was a Burger & Lobster near me, I want all of it now. And thanks for the note on my blog, I'm happy to follow along with you now too!

  2. Haha! Thank you! I'm pretty sure the only one over the Atlantic is in NYC unfortunately! Thanks for following, always nice to find new blog friends!