Thursday, 16 April 2015

Pitch, Cardiff

Cardiff on a Six Nations match day is both brilliantly epic, and utterly crazy busy. If you live just outside like me, it's also an absolute nightmare trying to get into the Capital along with what feels like every other Welsh person.

So to counter this, we decided to get in as early as a Saturday morning would allow, and grab a big stomach-lining breakfast in a little Welsh spot that's been on my radar for a while.

Pitch Bar and Eatery is a baby blue haven of good local food between the bars of Mill Lane. It prides itself on using good local ingredients, and serves from breakfast right through to dinner, and with a classy cocktail menu to boot.

It's quite small inside, but with plenty of cwtchy corners, and there's space upstairs too. Chunky wood flooring and seating with minimal decor makes a nice chilled out change from the glitz adorning the rest of the Lane.

Coffees all round (a little early for the beer, even for us), the breakfast decision was nice and easy. A Full Welsh each for the boys and the Full Veggie for me.

For some reason, I thought it was a good idea to give up meat for lent, and unfortunately for me, this visit fell within those 40 days.

However, I'm pretty sure I actually got the best deal in the breakfast stakes in the end!

A big plate featuring a glamorgan sausage, potato hash brown, a hefty mushroom, tomato, beans and a pile of wilted spinach. The best bit was a big chunk of halloumi hiding underneath. Oh, and toast, obviously. Phew!

By the way, in case you're as new to this vegetarianism as I was, a glamorgan sausage is a Welsh vegetarian sausage made from cheese and leeks coated in breadcrumbs. This is one veggie delight that will be staying in my life now that lent is over!

The boy's big breakfast came with all the usual trimmings, including a hunk of black pudding which was the one thing that I really missed!

I'd been finding being a vegetarian hard, but it was so nice to find somewhere that didn't just treat the vegetarian option as an afterthought. The halloumi filled in for the salty chewiness that the bacon brings, and mushrooms were more than meaty enough. The spinach made me feel a little better about the health benefits, and the gently toasted bread was just enough to mop up the leftover beans.

It must have been good, as the two die hard carnivores on the other side of the table were actually jealous of my meal, which makes a change!

In short, breakfast was lush. A really good looking plate, that filled you up without the usual heaviness that a greasy full breakfast usually brings.

The service in Pitch was efficient and with a smile, and our food arrived promptly, especially on what was geared up to be a busy day. I'm looking forward to going back to try the normal menu, and especially a few of those naughty looking cocktails in the legendary Mill Lane summer sunshine.

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