Thursday, 12 February 2015

The Smoke Haus, Cardiff

The Smoke Haus, Cardiff has opened it's second restaurant on Mary Ann Street, which is located near the Motorpoint Arena. It now occupies the space which in recent years has been both Hooters and Sports Cafe Cardiff, and still retains much of the original layout.

Mr P and I were going to a concert at the Motorpoint with my brother, and we wanted something quick, close and filling. The Smoke Haus ticked all the boxes, so in we went. I'd originally booked a table, as I had assumed the restaurant would be busy on a concert day, but there were only about 5 tables taken when we walked in, and numerous staff waiting around.

After staring wide eyed at the huge plates being brought out to diners, I decided to go for the sandwich list. I chose the pulled pork hoagie at £8.95, with an extra £1.00 for the sweet potato chips upgrade.

I agonised for a while over having this or the nachos...I made the wrong choice. The sweet potato chips were the best bit, a really generous portion, and still quite chunky, which I prefer much more than the skinny fries! However, the pulled pork was a bit of a let down. The sauce became very overbearing and sickly, and I ended up eating less than half. The hoagie roll it was served in was on the stale side, and the whole thing became pretty unappealing.

My brother went for the slow cooked deli brisket (£8.95), of which I didn't get a photo. Personally, I think he had the best meal! I stole a bite of the brisket which was melt-in-your-mouth tender, and the toasted bloomer bread holding it together looked a lot nicer than my hoagie roll.

Mr P however had seen too many burgers on social media to let this opportunity pass him by... and opted for the donut burger, £10.95.

A burger topped with cheese, bacon and sauce, sandwiched between two donuts. Yes - two donuts. I'm not qualified to comment on this, as it doesn't appeal to me in the slightest. I tried a bite and really didn't enjoy it. However, I do happen to have a direct quote from the diner in question, stating that he "really liked it, and enjoyed the combination of sweet and salty flavours" but he did admit later that he felt like his stomach was about to explode and that he was craving some lettuce!

All in all, it was a bit hit 'n' miss. My meal wasn't the best, and I'm not a fan of the school dinner tray style of serving either. But maybe I'm just being snooty. For a quick, reasonably priced meal, with giant portion sizes The Smoke Haus does just fine. I'm not sure I'd go back personally, but I'm sure it's 'Man Vs Food' appeal will keep bringing customers through the doors.

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