Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Easter Catch Up

These past few weekends have been so hectic. Good sociable hectic, but hectic nonetheless. I have so much to blog about and so little time...so here goes!

Easter kicked off on Good Friday like all good weekends, with curry, wine and a couple of good bands. The Tamarind in Risca is an excellent local curry house, great value for money and always more food than you can eat. Although this is probably exacerbated by the amount of poppadoms I tend to eat whilst waiting! This, plus a few wines, meant me being a very bad blogger and not ending up with any decent photos! Ooops... I blame that giant wine bottle.

Easter Sunday started off by me being completely spoilt by the husband! Such a cute little basket! I'd given up cheese for lent (I may have moaned mentioned this at some point...) and I'm not gonna lie, it got pretty rough at times! Hence the chocolate and cheese basket of yums. I'm still making my way through it all!

After a seriously chocolatey and eggy breakfast, we headed down to Cardiff for Judgement Day at the Millenium Stadium, for beers, burgers and a double dose of local rugby derbies. Awesome day out, despite the Newport Gwent Dragons losing 10-20 to the Ospreys. Boo.

And yes. That is another burger from the burger heaven that is The Grazing Shed. The John Wayne, with (celebrating the end of lent) extra goats cheese. Cheese, bacon, red onion and BBQ sauce. Just look at all that cheese. You'll never find a better burger. I'm now having extra goats cheese on everything, all of the time. Probably even my weetabix.

This weekend has been a bit more sophisticated as I've spent it with some lovely ladies, being my two best friends, Laurien and Summer. The three of us had tickets for Disney on Ice in the Motorpoint Arena in Cardiff, so we got down early to get a spot of lunch at Bill's first.

Tried out something a bit lighter this time, thanks to all the burgers I've been eating lately. Salmon with a chilli and lime crust, with a cold noodle and sesame salad. Really lovely and light, although I'm not going to lie, I could have eaten it twice with room for dessert. Some pic'n'mix action definitely went down later on...

Then off we popped to watch the show. Cardiff was crazy busy with little Cinderellas and Buzz Lightyears running all over town. But the show was so worth it, I think the adults enjoyed it much more than the kids.

Unfortunately, the lighting didn't make for very good photographs, but I did manage to get one of the best bit anyway. The toy soldiers from Toy Story were mesmerising! I really didn't expect to enjoy it as much as I did! The Little Mermaid was such a good performance too, as was Tinkerbell. 2 hours long, it was over all too soon for me, although just long enough for the little ones.

Such a great weekend with my beautiful Disney Princesses.

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